PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – In an effort to generate additional revenue, Pittsylvania County will soon begin accepting trash from Martinsville and Henry County.

Under a deal announced this week, First Piedmont Corporation will haul solid waste from Martinsville and Henry County to the Pittsylvania County landfill in Dry Fork, beginning Jan 1.

At a rate of $30 per ton of solid waste, the agreement will net nearly $1.4 million in annual revenue for Pittsylvania County. The extra funds will be used to cover operating and capital improvement costs.

The Town of Bedford began sending solid waste to the Pittsylvania County landfill earlier this year.

County officials note that while bringing an additional 46,000 tons of solid waste annually from Martinsville and Henry County, as well as 15,000 tons from the Town of Bedford, the landfill has an estimated lifespan of more than 75 years.

Pittsylvania County has worked closely with consultants such as Labella Associates to improve operations of the Dry Fork landfill.

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