Relief efforts provided by God’s Pit Crew are headed to Roswell, New Mexico, to assist victims of the deadly wildfire outbreak taking a toll on the Ruidoso village.  Evacuation orders were given to the community of over 7,000 people on Monday with the community’s website stating, “GO NOW: Do not attempt to gather belongings or protect your home.  Evacuate immediately.”

A semi-load of Blessing Buckets, which are five-gallon buckets containing non-perishable food, water, hygiene items, first-aid kits, flashlights, Bibles, and handwritten notes of encouragement, departed the God’s Pit Crew warehouse in Danville, Virginia, on Thursday and are traveling more than 1,700 miles west to New Mexico.  The supplies will be distributed by officials in the area to anyone in need.  Along with the Blessing Buckets, pallets of Gatorade are also included in the relief supply delivery.

“It’s heartbreaking to have so many people have to drop everything in an instant and leave behind all they have to escape the approaching fire” remarked Chris Chiles, God’s Pit Crew Immediate Disaster Response Coordinator.  “This is a horrible scene that is 0% contained at the moment.”

God’s Pit Crew President, Randy Johnson, says he hopes that the pallets of items being sent will bring hope and healing to the people of Ruidoso.

“We are praying for everyone impacted by this devastating fire, and we pray that the supplies our ministry is sending will bring some much needed relief in such a terrifying time,” shared Johnson.

As the ministry looks to restock their inventory of Blessing Buckets to keep responding and providing the much-needed materials to survivors, anyone interested in sponsoring a Blessing Bucket – which cost $35 per bucket to fill – or to support their ongoing immediate disaster response efforts is encouraged to visit GodsPitCrew.org or call (434) 836-4472.

In 2024, God’s Pit Crew has responded to 10 major disaster situations throughout the country and delivered 19 tractor-trailer loads of relief to disaster victims, including over 6,000 Blessing Buckets.

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