Multiple cities across Texas are in the recovery process following recent storms and torrential rainfall.  The flooding event over a week ago that prompted 8 million people to be placed under severe threat, with hundreds of water rescues taking place, left devastation in its wake.

God’s Pit Crew’s Immediate Disaster Response Team deployed on Thursday, May 9, from headquarters in Danville, Virginia, and traveled to Cleveland, Texas, to help victims of the deadly flooding.  Now, volunteers continue to assist the area with cleanup efforts by removing mud, wet carpet and furniture, and wet drywall from homes – while also helping with drying efforts and mold remediation.

God’s Pit Crew is also joining forces with Houston-based partners at KSBJ Radio and Vida Unida to distribute Blessing Buckets filled with much-needed relief supplies at Cleveland’s First Baptist Church.  These efforts are taking place alongside OneVoice NOLA – ministry partners who are serving the community hot meals each day.

Over 1,000 Blessing Buckets have recently been stationed in Cleveland, Texas, to aid people affected by the recent flooding.  Each Blessing Bucket contains non-perishable food, first aid supplies, hygiene items, a Bible, and a handwritten note of encouragement – all of which is detrimental to those searching for recovery in this devastating time.

God’s Pit Crew Immediate Disaster Response Coordinator, Chris Chiles, explained the harsh reality many people in southeast Texas are currently facing.

“A lot of these homes had over 5 feet of water inside.  Everything these people worked their entire lives for is now piled outside their home,” shared Chiles.  “[God’s Pit Crew] volunteers are shoveling and mopping up the mud left behind and removing wet sheetrock.  Then, we’ll bring in dehumidifiers to dry the house out.  Our goal is to get these houses to a place where they won’t mold and the families can start to put their lives back together.”

The God’s Pit Crew Immediate Disaster Response Team will be assisting the area through Wednesday, May 29.  Individuals in need of assistance are asked to email ImmediateResponse@GodsPitCrew.org with their name, phone number, address, and a brief description of the assistance needed.

For those looking to assist with God’s Pit Crew’s disaster response initiatives, volunteer and donation opportunities can be found by visiting GodsPitCrew.org or by calling and speaking to a representative at (434) 836-4472.

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