ValleyStar Credit Union’s business development manager, Rachael Williams, was selected to be a member of the Virginia Credit Union League’s (VACUL) Financial Wellbeing for All Committee to address financial participation, education and inclusion for the communities ValleyStar serves.

The committee aims to aid credit unions in living the “Credit Union Difference” through initiatives and programs designed to improve financial outcomes. The committee will also leverage its initiatives and knowledge gained from credit unions to advocate for the industry and educate policymakers about the credit union’s efforts to improve the financial wellbeing of the communities they serve.

“Our members’ financial wellbeing is at the core of everything I do,” said Rachael Williams, ValleyStar’s business development manager. “I work diligently to provide financial education for ValleyStar members through classes and online resources to ensure all members are given the proper resources to achieve and maintain a healthy financial wellbeing.”

Rachael’s selection is one more example of her leadership as she grows the talent, skills and experience exemplified by the ValleyStar team. Financial wellbeing for members is a key aspect of the credit union’s focus to be the best in service and convenience.

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