DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Police are investigating the disappearance of 75-year-old Herman Harston. His family reported to police February 19 that he had been missing for over six months.

Family members reported they last saw Harston leaving his home on Chatelaine Avenue in August of 2020 and he was on his way to the store. The family has not seen or heard from him since that time. They told police it was not unusual for him to be gone from home for a month at a time.

Harston frequently used the city transit system to get around. According to his family, Harston has been treated in the past for mental illness as well as some physical limitations. Police have spent several days checking area hospitals, speaking with extended family and friends, but no one has reported any contact with Harston in months.

Police ask that anyone who may know Harston or who may have information on this case to please contact authorities at 434-793-0000 or use the department’s crime tips app CARE at https://www.p3tips.com/tipform.aspx?ID=818#.


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