Okay, so it’s no secret…Luke Bryan is the best thing to happen to a pair of jeans since the invention of pockets.

Have ladies swooned over his fashion choice and how well he dances in his Levis? Certainly! But none have gotten so brave, SO BOLD to reach out and take matters into her own hands, well, until now.

Smooth move, lady! And don’t you just love how Luke didn’t flip out or his wife didn’t run on stage and have a Faith Hill moment? He just chuckles and moves away from the handsy fansy.

In the words of MC Hammer, “Can’t Touch Dis.”

So should we be all, “I can’t believe she did that. How disrespectful! Oh my goodness, this will start a string of ‘copy cat butt grabbers'”?

I think judging by Luke’s reaction and how well HE handled the situation, we shouldn’t really dwell on the negative aspect of the grab seen ’round the country world, but look at this lady as if she’s the Neil Armstrong of Luke Bryan fans.

One small grab women, one giant squeeze for Country Music!


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