Brett Eldredge isn't shy when it comes to admitting his style is influenced by the great Frank Sinatra…and let me just say, a suit agrees with Brett!!
He recently revealed a guilty pleasure…karaoke! Apparently, Brett would frequent bars to sing karaoke when he first went to Nashville.  Granted, he was doing it for fun, but he would think it was hilarious how some folks would get so into the songs and take it so serious – as if their cover of “Jack and Diane” was going to win them a Grammy or at least get them signed to a record label.
His advice: don’t take yourself too seriously when you’re singing karaoke.  Have fun! Pick a goofy song and roll with it.  If you’re having a blast…so will the crowd.
Check out this video from a few years back. Brett sings (an edited version) Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.”

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