Rolling Stone calls him a “football star-turned-country hit maker.” And they couldn’t be more right. He was a superstar Quarterback at UAB, with hopes of the NFL. But decided music was the way to go. And let’s be honest, the dude is on fire. His past three singles from his “Montevallo” album have all made it to #1. Three #1’s from his DEBUT ALBUM. Lots of people have said that Sam is not ‘country’. But he is, I promise. Let me explain.

When we think country, we think boots, wranglers, baseball caps, trucks, etc. And yes, that is country. But not completely. Country is a state of mind. I grew up in an extremely rural place in Grayson County (Southwest VA). I have all kinds of boots, plenty of worn out jeans, a ton of camouflage, and a major baseball hat addiction (just ask my fiancé). Yet, none of these define me. What makes me “country” is how I always smile and shake a person’s hand when I meet them. How I always say yes ma’am and no ma’am (especially to my momma). How I wave at people when I drive by their house. How my door is always open when someone is in need. How the most important part of the day is sitting down for a meal with my family and friends. What makes you and I country is how we treat others. You see, we could wear whatever we want and still be “country”. It’s a lot deeper than just what you look like.

Sam Hunt may wear clothes that aren’t stereotypical country, but the boy is. He drives his grandma’s old car because it runs, and that’s all he needs. He still goes to the local YMCA to play pickup basketball. Just watch these videos and you’ll see what I mean.

Did you catch where he talked about not liking the idea of having to wear a “uniform” to participate in country music? That’s true in all walks of life. You don’t have to look a certain way to be what you want to be. Be who you are, dress how you like, because after all, it’s YOU! I’m a big fan of Sam Hunt, and a big fan of being who you want to be. So yeah, be you. Because you are awesome!

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