(Danville, VA) – Roughly two dozen members of the community made their presence felt at last night’s city council meeting.  They were there to express their thoughts and opinions to hopefully encourage Danville City Council towards becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary.


Danville Mayor Alonzo Jones a former member of the United States Army said he strongly supported the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms as outlined in the amendment but gave no indication of where he personally stood on the city’s sanctuary status.


Amherst and Roanoke counties passed their own resolutions yesterday to become sanctuaries but Roanoke City’s Mayor rejected the calls for a vote on the matter after a very vocal public comment period. The city of Roanoke is the first locality to openly reject a vote of this type.  Pittsylvania County’s Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary on November 19th