Check it out – a new survey asked women their thoughts on Valentine’s Day and what they want. Here are the results….
Could you think of something to add to the list?! (Let’s keep it PG.)

56% of women said they feel a LOT of pressure to have a date for Valentine’s Day.

A quarter of the women in the poll said they’ve hung out with an ex on Valentine’s Day, or even gotten back together with them, so they wouldn’t be alone.

57% of women think Valentine’s Day is overrated. But two-thirds said they like it to at least some degree.

23% of women would rather do something unconventional for Valentine’s Day, like go on a group date or spend the day with friends.

About 25% of millennial women think being proposed to on Valentine’s Day is tacky.



Okay…so here are my two cents (Ginyah speaking). I’m a working mother with an energetic five year old and a husband who works shift work with alternating days off and hours that are complete opposite of mine. It just so happens that he is off this Valentine’s Day, BUT by the time I get home, help straighten up the mountain of WWE figurines and legos, feed the dog, get the rundown of the day from our son…I’m going to be tired! Would a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant in town be good? Yes. If our schedules weren’t so wonky, sure. I’m just at the point where I’d be perfectly happy picking up some steaks from a local butcher, some bagged salad mix and a low carb cheesecake (got to keep VDay #keto). Heck, I’d be good getting a pizza (if you know me, you know I’ll just enjoy the toppings, but it’s still one of my favorite foods). And here’s the kicker, I’d probably change into my fuzzy pj pants! Ahhh, perfect.

It’s really not about a layout you have to follow. Do what’s best for your and your significant other. If you don’t have someone to spend the day with, meet up with a friend or hang with your parents. It’s about showing love…even if it’s only in a friendship, platonic way or familial sense.