We’ve always thought that Carrie Underwood was absolutely stunning (seriously, that’s probably the opinion of everyone on Earth); however, her fall last November has made her more self conscious and now she makes sure that her favorite makeup brand is always handy.

In an interview she said, “Makeup is a confidence builder for me.  When I want to look hot, I like smokey eyes and eyeliner.  I just feel like it’s nice to have things that enhance the things you like and cover up the things you don’t.” (People)

Carrie Underwood looks stunning without a stitch of makeup on, but since her fall last year, she has turned to her love of cosmetics to help rebuild her confidence. Now, the country superstar never leaves the house bare-faced.

So she came back to the limelight at the ACM Awards Show the other weekend and recently felt confident to show her left side of her face on her official Instagram account.


Carrie Underwood’s Instagram Account