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EEO Report
EEO Report

This EEO Report covers the one year period ending May 31, 2014.  During this period the station filled one full-time job vacancy.

EEO Public File Report
As of June 1, 2014
Positions Available: None
Call Betty Parrish at:

Or Mail to:
P.O. Box 1629
Danville, Virginia 24543

Sources used for Part-Time Positions:
WAKG/WBTM web site / on-air commercials
Newspaper:  Danville Register & Bee

Sources used for Full-Time Positions: 
WAKG/WBTM web site / on-air commercials
Newspaper:  Danville Register & Bee 


Exhibit II
EEO Public File Report
This EEO Public File Report is filed in station WAKG’s Public Inspection File pursuant to section 73.2080 (e)(6) of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) rules.

Exhibit III
Piedmont Broadcasting Corporation
June 1, 2014


Narrative Statement:
In the past year there has been one full-time position available and filled.  The turnover rate is very low at Piedmont Broadcasting Corporation because the seniority is greater than most other radio stations. The average employment tenure for the five most senior employees is now ­­28.6­.  Our full-time employee average is 15.79 and all employees (full and part-time) have an average tenure of 14.78 years.  Although our outreach efforts are many and consistent, being located in a non-metro market limits our number of qualified applicants. 
Our outreach program for the past year included the following:
            April 10, 2013 – We participated in a Career & Networking Job Fair at Averett University in Danville.  There were 11 businesses represented at this event.
September 27, 2013 - We participated in a Career Expo & Fair at Averett University in Danville.  There were 16 businesses represented at this event.
October 11, 2013 - We participated in Southside Show-Biz Trade Show - Averett University North Campus in Danville. There were 75 businesses represented at this event.
November 6, 2013 - We participated in American National University 2013 Fall Career Expo in Danville. There were 13 businesses represented at this event.
We worked with the Virginia Association of Broadcasters (VAB) to secure an intern for the summer of 2014.  A number of persons applied which resulted in one of the applicants meeting the criteria to fill the summer intern position from June 2nd to July 25th.
Name of Recruitment Source Address Contact Person Telephone Number Total Number of Interviewees Referred by the Source for Vacancy Did Source Request Notification?
Virginia Workforce Commission 211 Nor Dan Drive Silvester Howell 434.549.8220 No
Loyal Baptist 468 Holbrook Street Joan McSpadden 434.792.3590 No
Bibleway Worldwide 151 Grant Street Lawrence Campbell, Jr. 434.228.3664 No
Danville Register & Bee 700 Monument Street Advertising Department 434.793.2311 No
High Street Baptist 630 High Street Jerome Morris 434.792.2404 No
Averett University 420 West Main Street Petrina Carter 434.791.5629 No
Virginia  Employment Commission 211 Nor NorDan  Drive Ted   Crane             434.549.8238                          0 No
Danville Community College 1008 South Main Street Ashley Shomali 434.797.8520 No
George Washington High School 701 Broad Street Elizabeth Goard 434.799.6410 No
Radio - WBTM/WAKG 710 Grove Street Kay Price 434.797.4290 3 No
Word of Mouth        0  No

Recruitment Source that Referred the Hiree:  WBTM/WAKG (Radio)
Total Number of Persons Interviewed for the One Vacancy: 6
  1. Account Executive – Date Vacancy Opened: 11/06/13 – Date Filled: 1/06/14
Carol Metz

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