12:28am, 04/25/15
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Backstage with Alan Rowe

He hangs out with you at work and plays your requests during "Lunch Tunes @ Noon," but have you ever wondered how he knows sooo much about your favorite artists?  Who knows, this could be your "VIP Access" to Alan Rowe info!  He might even share some stories from his band days.

While you were at the beach...

While you were " Funnin' " &  " Sunnin' " in July, Lady Antebellum was busy! The talented trio
was recording CHRISTMAS MUSIC!. It's a shock to some folks but most Christmas Albums are
recorded in the spring or summer....when the weather is warm or steamy. To set the mood; Lady A
decorated the recording studio!-complete with Christmas lights, tree, spray on snow...the works!!.
The Holiday EP; A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS hits store shelves tuesday October 12. Nothin' like
gettin' a jump on the holidays!!

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