04:44am, 05/30/15
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Ginyah's Random Ramblings

If the bio wasn't too much info for ya, here's your chance to see what's currently happening in my life, plus I'll throw in a few wacky videos and pictures.  Enjoy!

Tis the Season....

Here's a mini-update about my hair situation. Last Friday, Mama and I went and got something to tone down the yellow in my hair - make it more platinum. From what I hear, everyone thinks it suits me better. Now it's officially "Little Ginyah Blond."

In other news, I'm going to be M.I.A. for a few days. I'm taking some time off to be with my little sister and my family. It's going to be a blast!!!! My sister and I are only 18 months apart, so we're very in touch with each other. We're almost like twins - not appearance-wise, but an emotional/esp kind of thing.  She moved to New York City (said in a Pace Picante commercial voice) to attend the School of Visual Arts. She's amazing with Photoshop, drawing, painting, sculpting - anything artistic that involves hand work, she can do it. I miss her so much.

We're going to do some last minute Christmas shopping (wish me luck as we venture out and about in all the hustle and bustle), lunch dates, mini-trips, cookie baking and everything! 

I'll be back Monday, so don't miss me too much.

If you're traveling or just busy because of the holiday season, I want to go ahead and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Remember the true reason of the season. 

One of my favorite quotes: "There was only one Christmas, the rest are just anniversaries." God bless each and every one of you. :)

I hope you enjoyed this cheesy "Santa Ginyah" picture. hehehe :P

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