11:30pm, 01/28/15
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"Early Bird Breakfast" and "Saturday Night Cool Classics"
     He grew up thinking he was going to be a professional wrestler, the next "Nature Boy," world champion.  When that didn't work out because he had this fear of being hurt (yes wrestling is "entertainment" but you can still get hurt, BAD) he decided on a career that seemed much safer, radio.  Keyword there is "seemed".  Over the years Jon has rubbed elbows with country stars, had dinner with Bob Kingsley (CT40) and The Wilkensons (26 Cents), got drenched with the Bellamy Brothers, talked about the Opry on Bill Anderson's bus, and about the Andy Griffith Show on T. Graham Brown's bus.  Actually, he's been on that one twice because Mel McDaniel (pictured with Jon above) barrowed it from T. Graham Brown when he came to town for the Shriner's show.

     Jon is the one that keeps you company on Saturday night (and has for over 14 years) with your favorite classic country requests.  It's the "stars and their stories".  He's had the opportunity to have really good conversations with some of the biggest names in classic country, including Ronnie Milsap, Joe Bonsall and Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys, Gene Watson, and John Conlee, just to name a few.  We call it the "Saturday Night Cool Classics."  Big Jon calls it a chance to go out on Saturday night without his wife arguing about it... I mean because he's working... right? :)

     During the week, Jon is the voice you hear before Carol and the More Music Morning Show.  Kinda of opening act for Carol, Jon brings you his "Believe it or Not," tid-bits about your favorite country stars, and those little things that can make life interesting with the "Early Bird Breakfast."

     When he's not "playing" on the radio, he's busy "playing" with his three beautiful daughters.  Which he says can be a full-time job on its own!
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