11:41pm, 08/22/14
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     Working in radio is a lot less work than playing songs on the road... which is what I did as lead singer for the Stallions.  I've had years on the road and got the pleasure to perform with artists like Alabama and George Jones.

     I'd like to think that I live and breathe country music!  I especially LOVE Patty Loveless and I've even gotten the chance to sing with her  (pictured left). 

     When you're tuned in to WAKG, don't be surprised if you catch me singing along to one of her songs on the air...if I accidentally leave the mic on again.

     When I'm not playing around in the studio, I'm usually picking on my guitar and relaxing in my mountain cabin at Maggie Valley.

     Want to hear some stories from the touring days, a good knock-knock joke and some toe-tapping/feet-stomping music?  Then hang out with me on your home for the best country! 

     Oh yeah, and always remember to "hug a musician 'cause they never get to dance."
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