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OK - so getting up early isn't always  the funniest thing to do but we can make it fun doing it together every Monday - Friday from 5am - 10am!

I promise to play the hottest country for ya plus I'll throw in a few cool give-aways...like free money on Mondays!!!! Hey, money talks! 

Sports Guy Hutch will give you the rundown of scores, racing, games and tell about whatever athlete is in trouble this week!

Chuck Vipperman will make sure you get your day started in the know with whatever is going on in the city, county, state, country or the world with all the news headlines. Plus we will give you weather and traffic updates to help you with those tough morning decisions - like should I wear flip flops today?

 Also, I want to hear from you. Tell me what's on your mind - loved that Cowboys Game, Sunday? Got a favorite recipe, want to talk some dirt about those crazy Hollywood stars? Just give me a call and we'll share it with the world! Yea - really - we're streaming live at WAKG.com!
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Cody Jinks

Cody Jinks is a native of Haltom City, Texas, and attended Haltom High School. He started learning to play a few country music riffs on the guitar from his father when he was 16, but soon formed a heavy metal band before returning to his country roots and recasting himself as a honky tonk balladeer in the late-2000s.
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