Sports Guy Hutch
Sportsguy "Hutch" (David Hutcheson) loves the intense stuff like sports, flying (he's emceeing Southside Skyfest at left), and motorcycle riding (he's had three bikes so far and sold the last one so he could get back to aviation). He's found NASCAR drivers to be the nicest of the professional athletes he's covered for the media. 
Hutch also enjoys reading and film production.  He became interested in movie and documentary production while covering stars like James Belushi and Michael Caine back in the early 90s where he noticed  that what was going on behind the scenes on the movie sets was as interesting as the acting.  Below, you can see him on a movie set with James Belushi (star of TV's "According to Jim"). Scroll down a bit to go flying with Hutch in a four-minute video. (He does know how to relax: he lives in a log cabin on a mountain.) 


Want to know the scores of the big games?  Need to see what crazy action happened in the world of NASCAR?