07:44am, 04/21/15
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Christmas Bucks For Kids - WalMart 12/16/11
The gang's all together again for another fun day of fundraising as prisoners in an "ice jail" 'til they raise 10 grand for Christmas Bucks For Kids and the Salvation Army!
Helping out
Photo 8 of 13

Getting comfy

COOL set-up

Prisoners for the cause

Behind bars!

Carol & Alex talk it up

Alex gets the word

Hearing what the people have to say

Helping out

Strength in numbers

Carol, Captain Carl and Alex on Kazoo

Carl speaks with Carl Turner of the Danville Scorpions

Alex speaks to Carl Turner and the Scorpions - our biggest donor of the year!

Thanking the Scorpions for their donation
Carol Metz

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