09:06pm, 03/31/15
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Rising Stars Youth Talent Showcase

Saturday, September 23rd, we held the Rising Stars Youth Talent Showcase at the Danville Pittsylvania County Fair!
Cathryn Grace Estes
Photo 8 of 44

Gearing up for the show

Alex, from our sister station, the emcee

Getting the audience pumped

The audience is ready!

The wonderful judges

Giving all the details

Cathryn Grace Estes and Alex

Cathryn Grace Estes


Grace wrapping up her performance

Drake Gunnell and Alex

Drake Gunnell

Drake playing the piano

Drake finishing up his performance

The crowd is loving it!

The judges scoring the talent

Lydia Grace Honeycutt and Alex

Lydia Grace Honeycutt

Lydia wrapping up her performance


Gavin Parrish and Alex

Gavin Parrish

Gavin wrapping up his performance

Interacting with the crowd

Meghan Blair and Alex

Meghan Blair

Meghan getting into her song

Meghan wrapping her performance

Kalie Carothers and Alex

Kalie Carothers

Savannah Dalton and Alex

Savannah Dalton

Savannah wrapping up her performance

Drew Gunnell and Alex

Drew Gunnell

Drew wrapping up his performance

Darby S Tucker and Alex

Darby S. Tucker

Darby wrapping up her performance

WINNER of the 7 - 9 Year Old Category

Alex announcing the next winner

...And the winner of the 10 - 12 category is...

WINNER of the 10 - 12 category

WINNER of the 13 - 16 category
Big Jon
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