Off-Air Flare with Ginyah & Josh

The Beginning of the End

Another episode in the books!  Ginyah and Josh take a look at this weeks episode of Game of Thrones!!  *SPOILER ALERT* ...Read more

Longest Night to be Sure!

It’s GO TIME!!!  Episode 3 in the books!  Ginyah and Josh discuss Sunday’s Game of Thrones Episode!  *Spoiler Alert* Check it out! ...Read more

Winter is FINALLY HERE!! GOT Final Season Ep 2 Review!

  We are back with the Review of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2!  Ginyah and Josh have so much to talk about!  #SpoilerAlert ...Read more

Winter is here?? GOT Final Season Ep 1 Review

Game of Thrones is BACK!!!  Ginyah and Josh review the first episode of the Final Season!!! ...Read more

GOT Ready!!!

The final season of Game of Throne is upon us…so drink wine and know things with us and see if these crazy fans have some great opinions on how it’ll all end.  Will they know more ...Read more

We Want Caaaandddyyyy!!!!

Random convos about pizza spark a great candy/dessert debate.  What’s your fav? ...Read more

Aged Out…OUCH!

The time has come…for Ginyah and Josh to start feeling super old. Enjoy the ramblings below, Sir….Ma’am… ...Read more