Off-Air Flare with Ginyah & Josh

Who Ya Got?!?!?!

Ginyah and Josh take a look at actors who have played the caped crusader on the big screen and pick their favorite.  Who ya got?!?!? #OffAirFlare #WAKG #Podcast #DanvilleVa #DanvilleByChoice ...Read more

Food Court “Ketchup”!!

Let the debate begin!!!!  On today’s Episode of “Food Court” Ginyah and Josh tackle the hard topics when it comes to Ketchup!  Who ya got?  Check it out!   #OffAirFlare ...Read more

What Size Straight Jacket Do You Need?

If you woke up in an insane asylum how would you convince the doctors you aren’t insane?  Ginyah and Josh discuss their plans check it out!     What do you see in these ...Read more

Uh Oh No Internet!!

When you walk in and there is no internet in the office……  How do you react?  Ginyah and Josh get into it!  Check it out!   #OffAirFlare #WAKG #Podcast #DanvilleVa ...Read more

What Are You Putting In The Time Capsule?? #OffAirFlare #WAKG #Podcast #DanvilleVa #DanvilleByChoice #Radio #CountryRadio

With the unearthing of a time capsule at a former school here in Danville, Ginyah and Josh discuss what they would put in a time capsule.   #OffAirFlare #WAKG #Podcast #DanvilleVa ...Read more

Sweet Treat Choices

  With so much variety in the candy isle at the store do you have one go to or is it a day to day feel?  Ginyah and Josh get their sweet tooth fix!  Check it out!!   #OffAirFlare #WAKG ...Read more

Would You Rather?????

Life is full of tough decisions…so why not throw out some ridiculous options? Ginyah and Josh play a random game of “Would You Rather?” with each other.  See if you agree, ...Read more

The End is Upon Us!

Well that’s the end of that!!  Ginyah and wrap up the final season of Game of Thrones!  Check it out! ...Read more

One Episode Left!!! Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Recap

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones is in the books!  Ginyah and Josh get into the chaos in Westeros!  Check it out!! ...Read more

The Beginning of the End

Another episode in the books!  Ginyah and Josh take a look at this weeks episode of Game of Thrones!!  *SPOILER ALERT* ...Read more