Off-Air Flare with Ginyah & Josh

Creepy Childhood Movie Moments

Remember cracking open that VHS case to watch a delightful movie…only to be freaked out by one particular part that you carried with you well into adulthood? Listen to Ginyah and Josh share ...Read more

Would You Rather?

With a MILLION dollars on the line you have a choice to make would you rather be a clown for a year or relive high school?  Ginyah and Josh travel down that rabbit hole!  Check it ...Read more

Iconic Movie Moments

So Josh may have shared a post about Iconic movie moments from the last 21 years.  So naturally we had to discuss it and see if any of our personal favorites were left out.  Check it ...Read more

Smooth or Crunchy?!?!?!

  After taking Labor Day off we are back this week with another episode of Food Court!!!  This week we dive into peanut butter.  Crunchy? or Smooth?  Where do your loyalties lie?  Ginyah ...Read more

Get Off Our Lawn!!!

We all have those habits and occasionally when we do them we go “Oh gosh I’m just like my Mother/Father/Grandparent!”  Well Ginyah and Josh look at their habits along with a ...Read more

Back to School!!!

Its that time of year!  School bells are ringing again.  This week Ginyah and Josh Travel back in time (not saying how far) to their first day of school!  Check it out!!!   #OffAirFlare ...Read more

Body Swap

Does the idea of a new body for a few days appeal to you?  Trade all of your ailments for a different shell temporarily?  Would you tell who ever gets your body what to expect?  Ginyah and Josh ...Read more

Great Wing Debate

It’s another episode of Food Court!!!  This time we are just gonna wing it….  Thank you thank you…. Ginyah and Josh are here all week!!!  Check it out!   #OffAirFlare ...Read more

Clone Wars!

What would a world of clones of yourself look like?  Ginyah and Josh dig into that very subject…. only slightly scary….  Check it out!!   #OffAirFlare #WAKG #Podcast #DanvilleVa ...Read more

Who Ya Got?!?!?!

Ginyah and Josh take a look at actors who have played the caped crusader on the big screen and pick their favorite.  Who ya got?!?!? #OffAirFlare #WAKG #Podcast #DanvilleVa #DanvilleByChoice ...Read more