Off-Air Flare with Ginyah & Josh

Youtube Gulity Pleasures

We all have them right…….?  Yeah you know those videos that when people walk by and go, “Why in the world are you watching that?”  Ginyah and Josh pull back the curtains ...Read more

New Cereal Names

It’s a great way to start your day…little sugar, little milk…the aftermilk…AAAHH!! But have you ever thought about the off-brand names for the classic cereals? Ginyah and ...Read more

Never Have I Ever…PG Version!!!

Ever play the game “Never Have I Ever”? Ginyah and Josh invited the youngest member of the WAKG family, Tracey, to join them for a random round…totally PG and totally dry (aka we ...Read more

Debating Chocolate

Now that Valentine’s is behind us the question now which chocolate is the best?  Seems fitting right?? ...Read more

Christmas at the Cinema (Insert Best British Accent Here)

Ginyah and Josh talk about their top ranking Christmas movies and some they could absolutely live without….whoops!! What do you had to the list?! ...Read more

Disney Plus Got Us Goin’ Nuts

Disney + was released last Tuesday (November 12th, 2019).  Ginyah and Josh, like many, counted down the days and immediately started streaming their favorite movies, shows and more as soon as it ...Read more

Creepy Childhood Movie Moments

Remember cracking open that VHS case to watch a delightful movie…only to be freaked out by one particular part that you carried with you well into adulthood? Listen to Ginyah and Josh share ...Read more

Would You Rather?

With a MILLION dollars on the line you have a choice to make would you rather be a clown for a year or relive high school?  Ginyah and Josh travel down that rabbit hole!  Check it ...Read more

Iconic Movie Moments

So Josh may have shared a post about Iconic movie moments from the last 21 years.  So naturally we had to discuss it and see if any of our personal favorites were left out.  Check it ...Read more

Smooth or Crunchy?!?!?!

  After taking Labor Day off we are back this week with another episode of Food Court!!!  This week we dive into peanut butter.  Crunchy? or Smooth?  Where do your loyalties lie?  Ginyah ...Read more