05:59pm, 08/21/14
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24/7 with Blake

He's always doing something; he never sits still.  Find out when's his next venture to the "Possum's" house, what he plans to do on a Saturday night and the usual "Blake things."

Update From Nashville #2!!

The only word I can say to describe this trip is amazing...This has been a once in a lifetime trip and I have been so blessed to be able to take it. The people I have met...Many of them my heros have been awesome! I can't wait to share the pictures with you. I hope to have them posted by first of next week. Lastnight was the highlight I think of the trip because I was able to meet Brad Paisley...Which since I have been in radio and since he has been playing music has been one of my favorites. His status as an artist being a superstar always made me think I would never get the chance to shake hands with him. Lastnight though I had that chance and he couldn't be a more nice and humble of a guy to meet, really made me appreciate him even more. Ricky Scaggs would be another because "legend" fits with his name, so it was a real honor to meet him. Plus to meet Alabama a group I have always loved was just a moment I will always remember...I could go on and on about who all I have been in aw of shaking hands with. I live, breathe, and eat country music and this trip has been nothing but all about country. I'll wrap it up by using a saying Vince Gill made a song out of "Kindly Keep It Country" God Bless and Love you all...See you back next week!


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