12:28am, 09/02/14
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Ginyah's Random Ramblings

If the bio wasn't too much info for ya, here's your chance to see what's currently happening in my life, plus I'll throw in a few wacky videos and pictures.  Enjoy!

This is Halloween..Halloween..Halloween...

Okay, so I'm not dressing up this year, BUT I am helping take my nieces Trick or Treating this weekend.  So a sweatshirt and jeans should suffice, right?

I'm totally in the spirit of Halloween, no doubt.  I've watched a few scary movies and have even jammed out to my "The Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack.  Plus, I've baked at least 200 chocolate (orange colored) chip cookies.  They don't last long around my house with two little girls and a sweets-a-holic dad. I've had one...or two of them and immediately felt guilty about it because of my whole diet routine - c'mon "Cheat Meal Saturday." 

Back to the subject at hand.
I did dress up like Gypsy Ginyah last week, so I've gone all out this month.  I'm just going to dress as a civilian this weekend.

...but don't forget, I've got the "Spooky Spirit."

Don't you think this particular vampire needs to brush her teeth more? Helllooo Crest!

Hey! Can I try out to be on "True Blood"? Preferably as a love interest for Eric Northman. 

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