08:09pm, 04/01/15
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The Church Sisters visit WAKG - Oct. 25th, 2011
The up-and-coming bluegrass stars Savannah & Sarah Church dropped by WAKG with their brother Seth (it was his birthday) to visit with Sherri.   They talked about the music business and even sang a song for listeners while their brother played guitar live in the studio.  A good time was had by all!
Smiles - good times!
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The girls' mom Stephanie works at WAKG

Small gals, big voices!

Sharing a moment with Sherri

Fun in the studio

Smiles - good times!

The birthday boy

Sherri with the Church gang

The CD their song is on

The proud mama

Seth plays guitar for his sisters

What's so funny?

Singing live in the studio!

Getting ready to go live

It's Seth's birthday!

The gang's all here!

Barry gets in the pic!
Big Jon
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