02:27pm, 04/28/15
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24/7 with Blake

He's always doing something; he never sits still.  Find out when's his next venture to the "Possum's" house, what he plans to do on a Saturday night and the usual "Blake things."

Thanksgiving is ALMOST Here!! :)

It's hard to think but it's ALMOST Thanksgiving!! I am just beyond pumped to think about the good eating that is ahead! It's going to be a good time with family and friends and I hope you enjoy every single minute of it too!

Tonight should be a real blast - Nascar Live with Eli Gold takes to the air at seven. Then at eight I crank the tunes all the way until midnight!!

You know me - how much I just loveeee some George Jones...I was on the way to work and pulled out one of my old CD's of the possum. You remember the old Haggard tune "Tonight the bottle let me down"? George did an awesome cover of it years ago! Take a listen.

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