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On-Air Contests: This is when a listener calls into the station to win a prize.  A listener may win once a calendar month.  If the listener wins on June 30th, he/she may play again on July 1st.  If he/she calls in to qualify but do not win a prize at that time (like Apple Market Race to Place), he/she may play other contests.  Birthday Bash doesn't count as an

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Heart Rhythm Disorders - 7-28-14
Kathy discusses Heart Rhythm Disorders with guest, Dr. Kevin Lingle, Cardiology Consultants of Danville.
Disciplining Your Child - 7-21-14
Kathy discusses disciplining your child with Dr. Sherrie Campbell
Chiropractors - 7-14-14
Kathy discusses chiropractors with guest, Dr. J. C. Smith.
Parkinson's Disease - 7/7/14
Kathy discusses "Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease" with guest, Richard London.