12:17pm, 03/30/15
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Red Roof Inn Summer Road Trip Entries

Listeners had a chance to submit their favorite vacation picture for a chance to win with Red Roof Inn!

Entries Were Accepted July 8th - July 22nd.

July 25th - July 29th, a winner will be announced each day at 8:40am. Winner will receive a free one-night's stay at any Red Roof Inn in the country!

All entries will go into a Grand Prize Drawing and on August 1st at 8:40am, someone will win a $100 gas card from Red Roof Inn.

Remember to check out Red Roof Inn for great one-tank trips this summer. It doesn't cost a fortune to go on a great trip! With your friendly Red Roof Inns offering great rate and one tank of gas (or less), you can discover teriffic attractions close by where you live!

Check out their EXCLUSIVE deals and offers here!
Stop Throwing Sand!
Photo 1 of 24
James and Melinda Hudson's kids playing around in the sand at the beach.

Stop Throwing Sand!

Cool Dude

Seagull Bliss

Pool Relaxation!

Jet Ski Fun!

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Waking Up


Dance, Dance, DANCE

Good Times and Great Music

Washing the Cares Away

Kathryn Show

Vroooom Vroooom

Arizona Landscape

Surviving Skydiving

Dome Rock in Jerusalem

Group Vacation Photo Op!

First Beach Trip

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

Jump In!!

Feelin' the Rhythm

Honeymoon Sunrise

Carolina Beach Music Festival

Beer Boat
Alan Rowe

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