03:28am, 05/24/15
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24/7 with Blake

He's always doing something; he never sits still.  Find out when's his next venture to the "Possum's" house, what he plans to do on a Saturday night and the usual "Blake things."


WOW what a day yesterday was! I decided yesterday I was going to go see if I could get on stage to try out for Wheel of Fortune at the Carrington Pavilion!

The crowd was packed! I figured my chances were slim but that I would give it a shot anyway if for nothing more than just some fun to say I at least tried. If you went yesterday you know how to get entered worked but if you didn't let me explain...

When you first got there you had to fill out an entry card with your info on it...Then you placed it into the box. They had three rounds that were played where about 150 of us got on stage to try out for the show out about 1,500 people that were there!!! They took the box with the entry slips and put all of them into one of those turning units like you see when you play bingo. They drew five names at a time and brought those people on stage. It was all random luck which suprised me when my name was called haha!! My name was called as the last contestant on the next to last round! When you got on stage they took your picture and then you were interviewed in front of the crowd...You then played one game and were given a prize pack before you were done.

That whole five minutes you were on stage told the judges if they thought I was good enough to go to the next round. If I get a letter from them then I go to the final interview next month. If I pass that then I'm California bound!!!

For anyone who was called on stage yesterday or even was there I hope you had as much fun as I did!! It was a BLAST!! Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed! :)

I look at it like this...Tried out for Wheel of Fortune yesterday and back behind the mic today. Not a bad two days at all haha!!

Here are some of the pics from yesterday.

(Thanks to Lindsay Bowman for taking these two pictures from the crowd.)

(Many Thanks to Bruce Hedrick for these pictures)

(On stage getting ready to be interviewed - the lovely lady by my side her and her mother were BOTH called on stage at the same time. Both were from Stuart and both were sweethearts!)

(They even broke out into dancing which was priceless!)

(Being interviewed!)

(Singing "He Stopped Loving Her Today" let's just say George may contain his laughter if he heard me sing it to him HAHA!!)

(The crowd going wild ready to play the game!)

(Our hosts waving bye to the crowd.)

(The stage set to play WHEEL OF FORTUNE! :) )

No matter what a great memory for life and I had a blast! :)

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