11:46am, 02/01/15
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24/7 with Blake

He's always doing something; he never sits still.  Find out when's his next venture to the "Possum's" house, what he plans to do on a Saturday night and the usual "Blake things."

Merle Haggard Takes Over Washington DC!

Can't wait for the fun tomorrow night in Washington DC! The Kennedy Center Honors will take place! This year one of my heros will get his honor, Merle Haggard!

Country music was changed because of Merle, and his Bakersfield - Honkytonk sound!

Merle is a true legend in every sense of the word! MANY congrats to Merle Haggard on his award! :)

(Merle with his award - which is the award? HAHA)

(George Jones on a talk show a few years ago talking about how Merle is his favorite singer. :) )

(Needless to say these two are a hoot together! Haha!!)

(Hag covering "She Thinks I Still Care" - LOVE it! :) )

Don't miss the Kennedy Center Honors tomorrow night with Merle Haggard!!! :) Go Hag!

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