05:35pm, 01/31/15
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Carol's Corner


Life is Good

Life is good! Yes indeed it is even if our downstairs toilet overflowed Sunday afternoon! OK so why is that good? Well, we didn't discover it until after the Cowboys won the game! We did discover it before the yuck water got into the family room so Big Charlie didn't lose any of his Coke stuff. We have a very good plumber (and fellow Cowboys' fan) who also got to watch the Cowboys win before we called him with our frantic cry for help! Our very good plumber, Rick came right away. So, now we are hoteling it and discovering our city has some very nice hotels! Also we are eating all meals out so now I don't have to cook and wash dishes! So, yes, life can be messy (and a little smelly) at times, but you know, Life Is Good! :)

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