01:12pm, 04/27/15
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24/7 with Blake

He's always doing something; he never sits still.  Find out when's his next venture to the "Possum's" house, what he plans to do on a Saturday night and the usual "Blake things."

Lance Miller!

 So I was just setting here talking with one of my sweet listeners Pam. We got to talking about Lance Miller, about how awesome his songs are! So I called him up! Was chatting with him about how his career is going and about he just co-wrote Lee Brice's new tune! Lance is a talented guy and loves country music with all his heart! Hope he comes around here soon, keep listening I hope to have him back on the show again soon too. As always thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening and much love. Hey we are all one big family right?? :)

(Lance doing one of my favorite songs!! "George Jones and Jesus") 

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