03:10pm, 05/22/15
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Ginyah's Random Ramblings

If the bio wasn't too much info for ya, here's your chance to see what's currently happening in my life, plus I'll throw in a few wacky videos and pictures.  Enjoy!

From Dirty Blond to WHITE Blond - Ginyah's Encounter with Bleach

You probably heard Sherri and me joke about my new hair do...or "don't," whichever you wish to call it, haha!

Here's the skinny: 

     Mama went to beauty school back in the day, so it's not unusual for her to trim my hair, cut layers in it or help me out with a few highlights. 

     Tuesday night, she had dyed her hair red...I'm talking Koolaid Cherry red.  To break it up, we pulled her hair through the cap and applied the bleach mixture.  Once she washed and dried it, her hair looked fabulous! Well, she had looked in the bowl of bleach mix and noticed she had quiet a bit left. She asked if I'd like her to touch up my roots and I, of course, told her "sure."

    We didn't use a cap. I threw my hair into a ponytail and she went to town on my roots.  Forty minutes passed rather quickly, considering I was occupying my nieces and having a stocking decorating contest with Cliff (but that's another story). We rushed to the sink and Mama helped me wash my hair.  

I looked up into the bathroom mirror and was immediately taken back at what I saw.  Normally when my hair is wet, it's a brown color. Oh no. My hair was a yellow/white color - while it was SOAKING wet.

Mama assured me that it'd look better once I dried it, but it just looked funny. We both laughed and joked about it (which I'm sure she was relieved about, because I could see a "Oh no, please don't freak out" look on her face).

Needless to say, I looked funky with bright, bright roots/hair around my face. So we bit the proverbial bullet and bleached all of my hair.

I'm getting used to it, trust me.

Cliff thinks it looks good (although I'm sure when people see us from afar, they probably think he's running around on me with some really blond chick, hahahaha). Daddy likes it, says it's the same color it was when I was three and four. Mama thinks it looks pretty, but often asks if I want to throw some toner it in to calm it down a bit.  I've got mixed reviews at work, but hey, it's a nice conversation starter with everyone!

Tuesday night I took funny pictures of my reactions to my dye job.
So here they are for your viewing pleasure (and possibly a good laugh):


Trying to hide my scared face.

Hey hey hey snowflake!

Should I just dye it all dark or something now?!

Can I act ditzy and get away with it?!

OH NO!!!! Reality sets in! "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!"

Okay, okay, it's going to be okay!

Realizing that I will need tons of conditioner!

The bleach is taking over my scalp...and possibly my brain!!

Officially shell-shocked.

Ric Flair and I have the same hair color, now. Giving it a "Wooo."

My bleach blond portrait. (Now available in 8x10s and Wallet sizes!)

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