09:57pm, 05/26/15
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Ginyah's Random Ramblings

If the bio wasn't too much info for ya, here's your chance to see what's currently happening in my life, plus I'll throw in a few wacky videos and pictures.  Enjoy!

Dah Dum Dah Dah

It's happening, folks! I always promised y'all that when Cliff decided to make an honest woman out of me, I'd let you know.

We've been in each other's lives for eight years now and engaged for like five (I called it his "Lay Away Plan"). We had a brief little time apart from each other at the beginning of the year, but that allowed us to grow and learn to love ourselves before returning a more focused love to the other person. It also made me realize that no matter who I interacted with, I wanted to be with Cliff and only Cliff.  I totally attribute that to divine intervention - God will always direct you in the path you're meant to travel on (even if you have to walk along some bumpy pathways to get there).

A month or so ago, he and I had a long talk and decided to officially set a date.

I will be a married woman on Saturday, August 4th.

You can't imagine my mix of excitement, nervousness and anxiousness about the wedding, planning and starting my life as a wife. A lot of folks say it's a surreal feeling and it'll be like we are now but on a whole 'nother level...


Who knows, maybe I'll bore y'all with wedding details and planning updates. Be checking back. <3

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