11:09pm, 04/01/15
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Christmas Bucks for Kids - Finale (The Fearless Four STUCK in a Snow Globe)
Carol, Sherri, Sports Guy Hutch and Alex (from our sister station, WBTM) were trapped inside a GIANT Snow Globe, built by God's Pit Crew, until they raised $10,000 for Christmas Bucks for Kids.
The Scorpions Helped Us Wrap Up the Evening
Photo 14 of 14

Setting Up for a Fun Day

Trapped in a Snow Globe Until We Reach 10,000!

All Smiles...for Now

Alex and Carol

Our Fearless Four in the Snow Globe

Alex Explaining the Conditions of the Globe

Ice Crystals Gathering on the Outside of the Globe

A Special Performance from Madonna Nash

Talking to Captain Tanner

Talking About the Salvation Army

Madonna Nash singing Dirty Little Secret

Some Serious Talk from Al

Sports Guy Hutch and Alex

The Scorpions Helped Us Wrap Up the Evening
Big Jon
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