12:15am, 04/25/15
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Alan Jackson Has A New Record Label!

Today of one the country legends signed a new record deal...Alan Jackson will have new music out very soon! So in honor of that I wanted to post some of my favortie songs from him. I have always respected Alan for one of the greatest stands in country music that has ever happend. Years ago we all remember what happened with George Jones. "Choices" was climbing the country charts at the time but he was not allowed to sing the whole song on the awards show just 30 seconds of it. In response George said if he wouldn't be allowed to sing the whole song then he just wouldn't play at all. It made Alan Jackson furious! So Alan took a stand for his hero and friend and cut his own song off live on tv during the awards show and sang "Choices." I have had the conversation with George before about how he felt that night...He was at home and in his words "Almost Feel Out The Chair!" Alan Jackson a REAL icon in country music! Hope you enjoy the tunes! :)

He is the clip from when Alan showed country music who he thought was KING!

(This song says it all!!)

(Had to get the Possum and Dierks Bentleys version on here too! Sing it boys!!)

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