04:02pm, 05/29/15
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Ginyah's Random Ramblings

If the bio wasn't too much info for ya, here's your chance to see what's currently happening in my life, plus I'll throw in a few wacky videos and pictures.  Enjoy!

A New Year and a New Me

Goodbye 2010, Helllooooo 2011.

Let's just say, I made a lot of changes and I'm really hoping to make the best Ginyah possible in the new year.

Since the end of the summer, I've been watching what I eat and doing some exercising.  I was like a machine in the summer, because I'd walk a few miles every other day.  I had gotten up to walking at least five miles when I went out.  My maximum was seven.

Now that it's colder and the nights come earlier, I can't quite do my walking - which makes me kind of sad, considering I liked it. Good thing is, I'm continuing with my dieting.

I weighed this morning and I have officially lost 47 pounds. You cannot imagine my excitement!  Diabetes is on both sides of my family, so I wanted to take measures to prevent that.  I also wanted to build more confidence in myself - not that I'm always having a "Ginyah pity-party," but it's nice to set a goal and watch myself slowly, but successfully, achieve it.

My parents have encouraged me. For Christmas, they gave me an Xbox 360 and the Zumba Fitness game.  Let me just say, what a workout! After just 20 minutes of dancing and shaking around, I'm all sweaty and sticky and my heart is pounding like crazy.  I really enjoy it.  Plus, I'm able to look all kinds of ridiculous in the comfort of my own home.  Thank goodness for that, because I'm not the best dancer alive and I'm sure others in a class would really get a kick out of me! haha!

Here's the game.  Keep in mind, I don't flow like the lady in this preview. Maybe with a lot of practice, I'll get there.

Okay. So that's one change.

Of course you know about my platinum hair. (If you don't, check out the two previous posts.)

Oh! I got a NEW CAR!!! I've never owned a brand-spankin' new car.  I traded in my 2005 SUV for a nice sedan that'll last me quite a while and cut down on my gas budget.  It's a NEW CAR!!! :)

I'm also reconnecting with my friends (past and present).  It's nice to know I have such a strong support system (other than my amazing family).

So far 2011 looks very promising for me. 

I hope your's is going just as well. :)



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